The Origins of SquareTwo

SquareTwo had been on the minds of several of the editors for some time. For the senior editor, the thought of an LDS journal of serious scholarship concerning important issues confronting the world today began about a decade ago, but the domain name for SquareTwo was only obtained in 2005. It was not until the summer of 2008 that the effort needed to put together a first editorial team and also the website actually took place. For an exposition of our aims, editor John Mark Mattox has written a new manifesto for the journal, entitled "'By Study and Also by Faith': SquareTwo and Scholarship in Light of the Restoration," which was published in the Fall 2011 issue. In assembling the first editorial team, great care was taken to ensure strict gender parity, as well as parity between younger and older editors. We purposefully sought a diversity of life experiences among the editors, as well. All members of the editorial team are members in good standing in the LDS Church, in keeping with our purpose to develop a forum for the expression of a faithful LDS perspective on the important issues of the world today.

  SquareTwo's Editorial Board

  • The current editorial team includes:
    • Senior Editor: V. M. Hudson, Ph.D., political science/IR; Foreign Policy magazine's list of Top 100 Influential Global Thinkers, 2009.
    • Ralph C. Hancock: husband of Julie, father (of 5) and grandfather, Ph.D. (Political Science), teaches political philosophy, examines interrelation of theory and practice (with the help of Aristotle, Tocqueville, Heidegger, Leo Strauss, Emmanuel Levinas).
    • John Mark Mattox: Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction, National Defense University; Colonel in the United States Army and formerly Commandant of the Defense Nuclear Weapons School, the U.S. Department of Defense's premier institution for nuclear weapons training. Mattox holds a BA from Brigham Young University, Master of Military Arts and Sciences degree from the United States Army Command and General Staff College, a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the United States Army War College, and MA and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy from Indiana University.
    • Susan R. Madsen: Professor of Management in the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University. She is also the Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics. Susan is a leadership and change consultant and loves to teach, research, and write. Currently she is directing the Utah Women and Education Project for the state of Utah.
    • Neylan McBaine: Chief Marketing Officer for Brain Chase Productions, an educational technology company; McBaine worked previously as a strategist for Bonneville Communications, a Church-owned advertising agency. McBaine is the founder of the Mormon Women Project, and author of Women at Church, which explores possibilities for increased female participation in LDS administration. She is a graduate of Yale University in English Literature, and is the mother of three daughters.
    • George B. Handley: Professor of Humanities at BYU, and Associate Dean of the College of Humanities. Researches, writes, and teaches on literatures of the Americas and the intersections of environmentalism, literature, and religion. Served as the inaugural president of Mormon Scholars in the Humanities. Father of four, married to Amy, and active in civic life in Utah.
    • B. Kent Harrison (Book Review Editor): Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy (Brigham Young University), received his education at BYU and Princeton University, with experience at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has wide-ranging interests, from feminism to history to literature to science.
    • Janille Shumway Stearmer: Support Specialist in the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio, Police Division. Education includes a Master of Public Administration and Geographic Information Systems (Jacksonville State University); a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management (Utah Valley University); and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History/Architecture (Brigham Young University). Volunteers for the Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. and Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Wife, mother, avid reader, blood donor, and traveler.
    • Rachel Zirkle: B.A., Political Science, Brigham Young University.
    • Michelle Brignone: BS, Political Science (BYU), JD (Georgetown), specializing in international women’s human rights. Brignone wrote the supporting brief challenging the assumption of male-only marital power in Swaziland, which case is making its way through the Swazi courts right now.
    • Erik Linton: pursuing a Master's in Public Health degree at Brigham Young University
    • Stephen T. Cranney: Ph.D. in sociologyfromt the University of Pennsylvania, currently holding a post-doc at Baylor University; has published in such diverse fora as the Journal of Camus Studies, Dialogue, and the Utah Bar Journal.
    • Carl Brinton: MBA (Harvard Business School), Assistant Director of Digital Health and Innovation at Boston Children's Hospital, husband of Gloria Gong, father of three.
    • R. Decker
    • Karen Hyer
    • Thelma Young
    • L. Hulet, MPA