50-50 is Now a Corrupted Concept


In my readings, I came across this article. The title is "BBC 'disappearing women' as gender quota is filled by trans guests who self-identify." Since 2017, the BBC has aimed to have contributors to their programs be at least 50% female. "A senior BBC insider told The Telegraph: “The BBC has now ‘disappeared’ women as a sex class and instead monitors ‘gender identity’."

"In a Jeremy Vine discussion about women’s sports on BBC Radio 2 in June, the voices on air were four men and three trans people with no women, the insider said. In another example, two men and two trans women discussed women’s sport in an edition of Radio 4’s Moral Maze last June."

What is this, if not colonization? Not just women's spaces, but women's very being is colonized in this way. The viewpoints of men are substituted for those of women without hesitation. There is no other being that would be so presumptuous--this is human male behavior in extremis.



















The dilution of female voices is one pernicious problem; the contamination of data concerning female behavior is another. We have already spoken in previous posts about how crimes committed by males are being classified as crimes committed by females because of gender identity. The overwhelming percentage of female crimes are non-violent, but those figures are starting to change with this purposeful introduction of error into the data.

Then there is the erasure of women's sports records, as biological males set new records that likely can never be broken by females. Even when not breaking records, males are taking sports honors that belong to females. The list is getting longer and longer of women who should have won, but whose accomplishments were taken from them by males.

And any sense that there were spaces--few to be sure--in which women could be without men, without their presence, their gaze, their unwanted attention, is quickly disappearing. It's not inclusivity--it's intrusivity.

And males are no benign subspecies of humanity. Males are the #1 threat to females. Whether they are strangers to us or our most intimate partners, they are the primary threat to our lives (and even to the lives of our children). There is a sizeable percentage of men--about 30%--who would willingly harm us if they knew they would not be caught.

I feel to despair at times, and yet I see that in the UK, things are looking up. In two legal actions, high courts in the UK have found that holding gender critical beliefs--e.g., the belief that a male cannot become a female--is a protected belief under British law. Even more, the infamous Tavistock clinic is being shut because children were not protected in their care.

The important work in the US is still to be done, but it has begun. The FDA has begun looking more objectively at the harm puberty blockers can do. Attorneys-General of numerous US states are suing to overturn the Biden Administration's new interpretation of Title IX. FINA's change barring transgender athletes from competing in women's swimming is being copied by other sports associations, Change is coming, and only a wave of lawsuits will see it through. But this is America, and lawsuits are a way of life here.

There is hope, but it will take blood, sweat, tears, and treasure--not to mention the healthy bodies of numerous young people being destroyed--but one day we will be able to look back on this time period and be glad it is finally over.