The Biden Administration Has Betrayed Women


Many women I speak to feel that they are politically homeless. The far right has not been a friend to women--witness the new bills prohibiting rape even in the event of rape or incest. At the same time, the left is so sure of women's support that they see no problem in throwing them under the bus. This week's moves by the Biden DOJ and DOE are so very revealing of how little the left cares for women.

If you for some reason do not know, the DOE with DOJ support has announced it will gut Title IX by defining sex as gender identity. This means that men who identify as women will be backed by the federal government when they wish to play women's sports. As Genevieve Gluck expresses it,

"Including a sex self-identification stipulation alongside a protection against sex discrimination is antithetical. If a person can declare their own sex, then sex is meaningless. If reality is subjective and not objective, then there is no basis on which to define or defend reality. Self-identification is always implemented in a manner which trumps material sex, and thus the two are inherently at odds."

"It is absurd that males are already being allowed to compete in women’s and girls’ sports categories given that we have known for centuries that males possess an advantage in the arena of physical strength. The onus should not be on researchers to prove what has already been documented. The onus should not be on women to defend rights they already fought for, and won. Those who seek to erode the rights of the female sex ought to be burdened with proving why it is that the removal of these hard-won boundaries will not negatively impact women and girls. It becomes clear that the gender movement is a male entitlement power play by the very fact that they are able to successfully make demands without any proof of their claims. The gender movement is rooted in sexism and essentialist notions of women as stereotypes. It is anti-science, and it is anti-woman. . . The relative swiftness with which the US government has taken up the cause of protecting a self-declared “gender identity” over the best interests of women and girls, while the ERA languished for decades, is a powerful juxtaposition that illustrates how gender identity ideology upholds the feelings of males over the reality of females."

Preach, sister! The Biden Administration has betrayed all American women with this move. But as if this was not enough, HUD has weighed in as well on issues beyond sports participation. As Women are Human point out,

"President Biden's executive order additionally provided an interpretation of the Fair Housing Act, section 412 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as "prohibiting discrimination against gender identity" in housing vocation and healthcare, [leading] the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to issue a February 11, 2021 press release to announce that HUD, "under the Biden Administration, will fully enforce the Fair Housing Act to prohibit discirimination on the basis of gender identity." HUD's decision affects dormitories, showers, and bathrooms at universities, as well as homeless shelters, which tyically made same-sex provisions."

What's a woman to do? Insanely inhumane rape laws on one side, and insanely inhumane gender identity laws on the other. Charybdis and Scylla for the 21st century.

It's time to realize that women must forget their own path. Both the Right and the Left have betrayed women in the worst ways. It's time to try a little "female dating strategy" (FDS) and say to BOTH sides, "Look, until you listen to us, we're going to turn our backs on you. If you thought we would support you even as you betray us, you were wrong." What is needed now more than ever is a way of ranking our politicians and our political candidates according to a scorecard made by women for women. If you are a Democrat who votes to make gender identity trump sex, you would flunk this scorecard. If you are a Republican who votes for an abortion law that allows for no exceptions in the case of rape or incest, you'd flunk, too.

Guess it's time for WGTOW--women going their own way. Neither the Left nor the Right should think of women as in their pocket anymore. Women should be voting their own interests--and not the interests of career politicians who stab us in the back, no matter what party allegiance these politicians claim.