The World Created Through Male Dominance is Horrible


I often tell my women students that they must not think they have a choice between either a mother or smeone who contributes their talents to society. I tell them that one day their children will not be babies any longer, and they will go out into the world--and they will face a world that only men have molded. And they will find it is a horrifyng world that will destroy their children.

A couple of articles crossed my desk today that reminded me of this. The first was a survey among UK school boys. Here are some of the results:

Of the 1,010 boys aged 16 to 21 interviewed by our pollsters Survation, 40 per cent of those who’d seen internet porn watch it at least a few times a week and 11 per cent of boys who have seen porn watch it every day, compared to only two per cent of girls. Our findings also reveal the huge impact this is having on the attitudes of boys towards girls, sex and relationships. Whereas 61 per cent of girls who’d seen porn said it had had a negative impact on their expectations of sex, boys were much more likely to see porn as a positive influence. Of boys who have had sex, a shocking 48 per cent admitted they have taken part in a sex act because they’ve seen it in pornography. Our research follows a damning new Ofsted report which found that easy access to explicit imagery has set unhealthy expectations of sex and is fuelling a school environment where sexual harassment and derogatory name-calling of girls is rife."

"According to our research, more than one in four boys admit they have felt pressure from friends to be sexually active and, even more disturbingly, more than a third of boys who’d had sex admitted they have felt upset by a sexual activity they’ve taken part in. Meanwhile, one in four boys said friends and peers had egged them on to share details about their sexual experience — illustrating how male peer pressure is often the prime motivator for boys to behave in a certain way."

"Our research found that 44 per cent of all girls are aware of having their looks scored sexually by their peers, often in forums like this, where boys score ‘lad points’ for sex acts they’ve taken part in under the guise of ‘banter’. A third of the boys in our survey who’d received consensual pictures of a sexual nature admitted sharing them with others, compared to only 10 per cent of girls. Jack says: ‘Sexting is just normal. We know there’s a risk but that’s how we flirt nowadays. ‘Girls might be talked about as fit, ugly or heifers — and you get status in the group for saying you’ve had sex with someone good-looking.’ Anal sex is another way for boys to get kudos, says Jack — a sad fact also reflected in our survey which found that 48 per cent of the boys who have had sex have also had anal sex, and 17 per cent of those were under 16 when they had anal sex for the first time."

"Forty-one per cent of boys who had sex say they have taken part in an activity without kissing the other person first. ‘Kissing is seen as too intimate,’ says Jack. ‘You hear other boys talking about meeting up just for sex with someone from school after chatting on social media. ‘But because they have no emotional connection, they don’t kiss, which is something more romantic. They just go straight to oral and then vaginal sex.’ Jack stands by his insistence that this is how it is these days."

"One of the most shocking findings in our survey revealed that 40 per cent of the girls who’d had sex have had a sex act performed on them when they were drunk or unconscious."

"‘I didn’t have sex to feel close to a girl. I had sex to live out what I’d seen online. ‘We’d also get girls to send pics of themselves and share it in group chats. We egged each other on because we all grew up watching the same stuff. It groomed us all to treat girls that way.’ With dynamics like this, it’s no wonder that boys show much higher levels of sexual satisfaction than girls. According to our survey, seven out of ten boys who have had sex say the first time they had oral sex was a positive experience compared to 55 per cent of girls. Sadly, 17 per cent of girls described it as a negative experience with a telling 42 per cent of the girls who’d had oral sex admitting they have felt pressured into it. The first time boys had vaginal sex was also a positive experience for 73 per cent of males, compared to 57 per cent of girls."

"‘It’s got to the point where I see that girls completely accept unsolicited d*** pics (sexting images showing men’s genitalia) as normal. They don’t even have a framework to understand it is abusive. By the time many boys have sex for the first time — which our survey suggests is most commonly between the ages of 16 and 17 — they will, on average, have seen hundreds of hours of porn, so can we really blame them for believing that this is the ‘new normal’? The time has come to tell them otherwise. As our survey has shown, the gap between boys’ and girls’ experiences of sex needs to be bridged urgently if young people are ever to enjoy the mutually respectful relationships they deserve."

So who created a world in which porn is ubiquitous? Where porn has become a festival of violent misogyny, which strangling and slapping and degradation being normalized? This is a world that men made. Women would not have made this world.

And this is not all--consider the horrifying effect of male dominance on science. I wrote a few days ago about horrific experiments in the US, but consider this horrific experiment in China. They took two rats, one male and one female. They castrated the male rat, implanted a uterus in him, made the female rat pregnant, then sewed the two rats together so that the male rat was sharing the bloodstream of the pregnant female rat, then implanted an embryo in the male rat. Yes, you heard right. They took the fetuses by C-section from the male rats when they had reached viability, and apparently 10 of the 27 offspring were healthy.

Just think about who would think of such an experiment. And why. Yes, men. Men who are still gobsmacked that they cannot do it all, including giving birth. Men who are hell-bent on overcoming this limitation, no matter what horrifying means they have to devise to do it. This is the fruit of male domination of earth's societies. This is the world men have made. Women would not have made a world in which this experiment would be allowed--or the experiment run in the US I wrote about a few days ago.

There are some days I want that meteor to come as soon as possible . . .