No Wonder Birth Rates Have Tanked the World Over


I've been very interested in the global tanking of birth rates. Only sub-Saharan Africa has birth rates above replacement, and even there, birth rates are falling precipitously--it's just that they had farther to fall in that region and so are not yet sub-replacement. But they will be; just give it a few decades. While I have lots to day about causes and consequences of this unprecedented worldwide phenomenon, I was reading an article yesterday that just put it all together for me. I will quote it at length--it is from the Nordic Model Now website, which often publishes first person accounts of life at ground level. Here is one young woman's experience with sex in our day:

"Some of my partners seemed to learn sex education from porn. The lesson being how to hurt your partner rather than respect and love your partner. Thinking that women were totally OK with the dreaded “head shove” during oral, having their faces slapped during sex, being ready for penetration with no foreplay at all times, having body appearance objectified.

"I’ve had guys try anal on me without permission, yet they wouldn’t want anything up there without asking! Being used as a sexual kink dispenser rather than a loved one… Most of these guys didn’t want me to use a vibrator; it was a threat to their manhood. As if as a woman I couldn’t just enjoy myself for my own pleasure.

"I identify as a Submissive, I am open minded and love to please. It’s just porn has really messed with people’s heads and has set poor expectations of how to treat human beings.

"I’ve been choked out to unconscious and now have a panic response to my neck being touched. Rather than stop and check on me, my partner at the time kept going. Commenting it felt “amazing” for him at the time. He could have seriously injured me or even worse, given me brain damage. I’ve had my face slapped, hard, without my permission and guilt tripped for my tears afterwards. “I can’t read your mind,” he said, yet he wouldn’t have liked me to have kicked him where it hurts without asking first.

"Porn is to blame. The majority of models look drugged up, starved and are abused on set. None are enjoying themselves and they get injured and are manipulated and goaded into non-consensual acts.

"My recent sex partner knew I hadn’t had sexual intercourse for a while but was extremely rough. He had made a comment about my pubic hair (trimmed) and that he’d preferred waxed or laser (porn standards). He’d bruised my cervix and tied me to my own bed and tried to force me to orgasm several times. He became annoyed I couldn’t climax, mainly because my body shut down and I disassociated at the time. I hadn’t reached that level of trust, I was trying to enjoy myself but felt like something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it. It was because I was so used to being objectified, I was used to it.

"Recently, I tried camming. I’ve had a reduced number of hours from my other job, I have bills to pay, a mortgage. I didn’t WANT to cam, I felt I had no other option and needed money, fast. I made myself dreadlocks, applied heavy make up, wore a skimpy top and undies and tried my luck as a Cam girl. I lasted three hours in total before I broke.

"I had about 25 visitors. Only one tipped and I made 12 tokens – five cents in the three hours I was active. Only one guy tipped, the rest were being very rude and demanding, trying to pressure me into doing more than I wanted but unwilling to pay.

"I tried to smile and pretend to be happy, but I felt disgusted. I had two people con me. I thought they had paid for a private show. They manipulated me into leaving the main chat and insisted I enter a password to a private room. They told me I was being paid (I’m trusting). I stopped as soon as I worked out that I wasn’t earning anything.

"I did not feel “empowered.” I felt like crying and I literally took two showers that day to wash it away. I felt violated and abused. I did shows with no money, was being pressured for not getting naked. I felt pathetic, trying to purr at my audience for tips."

This is what heterosexual sex has become for women. Degradation, torture, assault, not a shred of feeling in the act except pain and even fear. And this is supposed to be the act that represents life, including the conception of new life. The act that is supposed to be the one most suffused with love of the other, love of the other sex.

This is the act that has turned into death. And yes, I blame men. Women who go along with this are also to blame, but I blame men. This is what they want. This is what they seek. This is what they pay money for. Tons of money. Wheelbarrows full of money. To see women degraded, to see sex mean death and pain.

No wonder the birth rates of the world have tanked, for porn like this is a global plague. It reaches into every country in the world. There is no country where men do not want this, desire this. But what woman wants to have children with a man who has soaked his brain in torture porn? None.

Eventually, women will simply refuse to have sex with men. There are already movements like this starting, for example in South Korea. And we have seen a wave of young women who want to declare they are men just so that they will never, ever be that tortured woman in the porn videos. Men are destroying women's willingness to be with them sexually, and they are destroying women's willingness to have children with them.

In fact, a second article crossed my inbox yesterday--the striking rise in women seeking sperm donations. Women who have turned away from a sexual relationship with men may still desire children, but without men being involved in their lives. And so we see them turn to anonymous, frozen sperm donations. This is how children are conceived today--not in love between their father and mother, but for a price which includes the complete absence of the father. And guess what? The process still involves porn! Porn makes the world go round!:

"The donors, many of whom attend three times a week, walk past a full-size stuffed polar bear, symbolically 'guarding' the frozen sperm, and are welcomed at the reception with a plastic sample cup and a virtual reality (VR) headset. They then make their way to one of five 'donor rooms'.

"Locking the door turns a green light in the foyer to red, signalling that the room is occupied. On his TV screen the donor can choose from a selection of pornography channels (gay or straight) before getting down to business.

"The VR headsets were pioneered by rival sperm bank Cryos International, which claims that research has shown that the better the donor's 'experience', the higher the quality of the sperm.

"Customers, whether single women or couples, can log in to the website and choose their donor at leisure. They are provided with a photograph of the donor as a child, often an audio file of his voice talking about himself, and a run-down of his physical qualities such as eye and hair colour, height, weight and educational level."

Apparently, this is the most women can hope for from men. This is the most that children can hope for from their fathers--to watch porn and ejaculate into a cup.

"Peder Thomsen, 30, admits he has 'no idea' how many children he has fathered in his years of donating sperm . . . Peder doesn't plan to have any children of his own."

Just think about that. Peder might have 70 kids, but does not plan to have any children "of his own."

I'm sorry, God, but your sons have made a total hash of this world. It is time to End it.