Evil's Progress


Tonight a profound little saying for you:






























Unfortunately, I wish I could credit the creator, but I don't know who it is. But honestly, this is one of the most truthful sayings I have seen in a long while.

So if the first step is overlooking evil, it is interesting to ask ourselves how we come to the point where we believe that to overlook evil is the right thing to do. When I ponder this question, my mind turns to the Mosaic Law. That Law is so very harsh on even the most minor infractions. We rightly recoil at how unforgiving it is, and how over-the-top some of the punishments seem to be. But tonight, pondering this little graphic, I wonder if there was not a method to its seeming madness.

Now before you start thinking I'd like a return to the Mosaic Law, I don't. I don't want to live in that type of world at all. But Christ gave the Israelites the Mosaic Law because they rejected the higher law--which was very revealing of their level of spiritual immaturity. Is it possible that in such a context, God might feel that He needs to draw the line at "overlooking evil," in order to allow at least some period of time before the civilization slides so far down that it must be destroyed? Is the Mosaic Law a direct attack on the possibility of "overlooking evil"? And is that why it is so harsh and its punishments so over-the-top?

A good retort is that the Mosaic Law didn't seem very effective in stopping the Israelites' continual slide towards destruction. But perhaps it was given as a last-ditch attempt to stop that slide?

Just some random thoughts on a Monday night . . .