What Henny Beaumont is Doing


Henny Beaumont lives in the UK; she is an artist. She is doing something quote extraordinary. Apparently, a member of the British parliament read out the names of women killed by men in 2020; there were 118 women and girls on that list.

Beaumont was aghast that she only recognized one name on the list, that of Sarah Everard. She wondered how our society has so invisibilized these women and their deaths--as if their murders were completely par for the course, completely unremarkable.

She decided to honor their memories using her skills. She is painting a protrat of each of them. She has finished 19, and has 99 left to go.

What is interesting is that she also films herself painting the portrait, and then she runs the video backwards to show the picture being unpainted--and the woman disappearing. This is her way of symbolizing society's erasure of these women and their deaths. You can see these reverse videos on her website.

It is a labor of the heart. And yet it is hard to think that by the time she is finished with the women who died in 2020, there will be many more women who will be killed by men in 2021. A never-ending bloodletting . . .

Here is one of the videos, of Kelly Fitzgibbon and her two babies:


May God rest their souls . . . May God avenge them.