About Her Mother's Business


It is the "eve" before International Women's Day, and I would like to pay tribute to Eve, our first foremother. But first, here's a poem about her from Carol Lynn Pearson's book Finding Mother God:

"I Want to Do That!"

We have chased the tale of Eve's
   disobedience for centuries
      and it has gotten us nowhere.

In the poem that is Eve
   this is how it happened:

She saw the tree
   the Tree of Life.

She watched the growing and the greening
   the blossoming and the bursting
      and she said:

"I want to do that!"

And so she took the first sweet bite
   carefully, carefully going about
      her Mother's business.

This is a great little poem! Why do we forget that our Heavenly Mother has a work in this world, and that Her daughters must be about Her business for it to be accomplished? This is not a work for Her sons; they have their own work accomplishing the work of Heavenly Father in this life. We have been told by President Dallin H. Oaks that Eve is not to be condemned for partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Wisdom, but rather celebrated for her wisdom and courage in doing so. Was this not Eve's very first act as her Mother's apprentice?

Eve was a heroine; she was the best of all God's daughters! If you want a fuller exposition of her great role in the Fortunate Fall and in the Greal Plan of Happiness, here is a fuller essay to help you on your way. We owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for being brave enough to set the Plan in motion. Her choice was the great pivot, and no doubt we all stood on tip toes while in heaven to see what her choice would be, and we shouted for joy when she chose to eat the fruit of the First Tree!

This image captures her spirit, I think:


















*Photo credit: Caprica

May we women all be about our Mother's business! And may we realize how important, how sacred, and how powerful that business is!