Paradigm Shift


Here is another Carol Lynn Pearson poem for the sabbath. It's called "Paradigm Shift," and is from her new volume of poetry, Finding Mother God.


After 359 years the Pope acknowledged
   that heretic Galileo was right and

the sun does not revolve around the earth.

How long will it take me of the earth
   to acknowledge the we heretic women are right

and the female does not revolve around the male?

For we too have scoped the heavens
   revealed the center, can testify
      of the brilliant celestial bodies, and lo!

the Heavenly Him and the Heavenly Her
   do no orbiting, no presiding, no ranking

are perfect partners in a slow dance
   so close you would observe
      that they are One.


Isn't that lovely? I've pondered the construction of Abraham 3:19 for many years, and feel Pearson sheds some light on it. You may remember the verse says, "These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they." To me this indicates that the world of "ranking" belongs solely to the kingdoms lower than the celestial. Indeed, this is how you know you are in a lower kingdom. But in the celestial kingdom, we are all "equal heirs with Christ," and there is no more ranking. Indeed, that is how you know you are in the celestial kingdom.

What better preparation for that kingdom than a marriage in the new and everlasting covenant where there is no ranking--where there is a diarchy and not a patriarchy? Where there are two who are different, but yet are one? Living as two who stand before each other as loving, faithful equals is but an early taste of Heaven . . .