Another Poem for the Sabbath


NOTE: The LatterDay Crone will not be posting for a few days--road trip! My aim is to be back blogging by Saturday March 6th.

Here's another great poem for the sabbath from Carol Lynn Pearson's book Finding Mother God.


I may not be the sharpest knife
in the chandelier or the brightest bulb
in the drawer, but

seeing the creatures out in the zoo
and the creatures up in the blue
and the creatures on Fifth Avenue

who are pretty equally girl and guy
I will not buy
the Brooklyn Bridge

nor will I buy
a story that says the Creator
of all the creatures including me

was one or two or three Male Beings
never mind how potent
their omnipotence might be.

That's a great little poem, isn't it? So simple, and yet so profound. No creation without women. None. And, apparently, no organization of souls without women, either. The male god is not omnipotent. Only the divine married couple can create and can organize spirits. For the love and the good to obtain, no being in the sphere of that love and that good can be independent and autonomous. The greatest power is from interdependence, and only with interdependence is real love possible.

Clearly that is why Satan is a bachelor. His eternal bachelorhood is part of his damnation.

While many Christians balk at this CoJC concept of the divine feminine, it has always seemed to me to be plain as plain can be, just as this poem expresses. How could it be otherwise? The "natural family" is based on the template of the heavenly family. This is a theme I hope the Church will begin to articulate and to emphasize. Maybe in a world of fallen patriarchy, She was invisibilized. But in the post-sex world, She is now indispensable. There's some karma there, I think.

Of course, I feel a bit for Carol Lynn Pearson. In this post-sex age of gender ideology, I'm sure someone is calling her a transphobe for believing in the 'common sense' necessity of a Mother God. ;-)