What Christianity Lost by Forgetting Heavenly Mother


There are a few blogs I follow; not many, for I prefer to read news sources widely with the time I have to see what's going on in the world. This particular blog, however has an unusually astute group of commentators, and they tend towards Christianity. It's a way for me to keep a pulse on what the non-COJC Christian world is thinking about things.

The topic of discussion is how gender ideology undermines orthodox Christian teaching about sex. What was fascinating to me is how many of these commentators could not see any relationship between God and sex. None whatsoever! These types of comments were common:

Teal Rebney: "Is there sex/gender in heaven? If no, then it is merely an accident, and is separable from the rational soul, which is the true essence of humanness (being the only thing that distinguishes man from the beasts 'n' all). Christian teaching itself undermines your argument."

JonF311: "Yet the glorified body is of a different order of being than our current bodies. For one thing it shall be timeless and ageless. Nor will spatial limitations affect it (the Risen Christ passed through walls and manifested where and when he would). If a body can be unbounded by Time, then suggesting it is still by bound by gender strikes me as ludicrous."

Turmarion: "The fact that we are combinations of spirit and matter (hylomorphic) does not settle the issue as to whether sex/gender is accidental (philosophically speaking) or not. Every human is either male or female (rare examples of intersex aside), true enough. Everybody also has a hair color, a height, a weight, etc. Most would argue that things such as that are indeed accidental (in the Aristotelian sense). Why not sex, also?"

Of course, the idea there is no sex in heaven is the first step to suggesting there is no sex on earth, or at least we should not give any real spiritual meaning or importance to sex. And that leads to immense mischief among believers.

So how did this come about? It was those in authority in the ancient Church who banished all memory of our Heavenly Mother. Without a Heavenly Mother, sex has no meaning in the eternities. After all, what "natural" family has no female members, only a Father and a Son? And if females are so dispensable in heaven, one can understand why these Christian commentators feel the way they do.

When we lost Her, we lost the plot. To regain it, we must undo that losing, each in our own way. And you can believe I comment about Her on that blog, even though I am viewed as a "fringey Mormon" and all my comments about Her are downvoted. But I will keep speaking about Her as part of my devotion to God and Their Children, as my part of the work of "undoing the losing."