Angels Among Us in Animal Form


I am a total believer in angels, and a total believer that angels walk among us here on earth, helping us at times. I remember seeing the movie "The Adjustment Bureau" some years ago when it came out, and was like, "Yep, that movie nailed it!" (If you haven't seen it, it's a great spark for discussion during family home church--I think you and your family will really enjoy it.) Now, I've also held the probably heretical belief that advanced animals are simply at a lower stage of spiritual development than the sons and daughters of God, and maybe in the future they will develop into something more, maybe one day even children of God.

So line up those two beliefs, and voila, you can imagine that I have no problems thinking that animals can be moved upon by the Spirit and act almost as angels for human beings here on earth living out their mortal existence. I feel pretty sure I've had two cats in my life that were assigned to me as therapy angels. They were not like other cats our family has had; they seemed to zero in on me to make sure I was doing okay, and if not, they would do something to try and get me there. We've also had some highly intelligent dogs that I could see one day graduating to a higher plane of existence, too.

Today in my scan of the news I found the sweetest little video that seems to underscore the idea that even animals can act as angels among us. The 1 1/2 minute video was taken in Colombia, and shows a cat batting away a toddler's hand every time he grabs the balcony railing to try and pull himself up it to certain danger. Now, this is a DailyMail article, and I think you may know that there's only one good way to see a DailyMail online article--by using the Brave browser--or you'll be inundated with ads. In fact, it's a good idea overall to use the Brave browser as your default browser; if you do some research, you will find that in addition to natively blocking ads, it also protects your privacy excellently, and its default search engine is not Google, but DuckDuckGo. OK, ready? Have you downloaded Brave and opened it? Super: here's the link! Enjoy!

Have you ever had an angel animal in your life? Tell us about it!