More or Less Recovered: Thinking About the Ubiquity of Hard Core Porn Use Among Men


So I had what must be COVID for over 3 weeks now. The first week I felt just a bit bad, and then after that was pretty much bedridden for about 10 days. Since then, I've been feeling a little better every day. All the simple joys--walking about unaided, tasting my husband's mashed potatoes, sitting outside so the sun can hit my skin and create some Vitamin D--are just so wonderful. Though I don't want to be sick, I am grateful to be able to feel the wonder of the things we take for granted. I am grateful to have my eyes opened to how wonderful a normal life really is!

Of course, the long hiatus means I have a ton of stuff piled up I was hoping to share with you. But today I was thinking about how one way the world is definitely different from all the long millennia that came before is pornography--not only its total accessibility, but also its almost-near universal consumption by men, and also how today's porn is not the porn of yesteryear. That is, today's porn is almost pure sadism, with that sadism visited almost exclusively on women by men, and increasingly visited on children--even newborn babies.

Compared to other threats we face, this threat is both existential and immediate. It destroys lives, it destroys children, it destroys childbearing, it destroys any desire by women to live as women, it destroys all possibility of love, and all possibility of happiness. It is as corrosive as the most extreme acid. The earth cannot survive this tsunami of acid. I am beginning to believe, on this basis alone, that the end must really be near. A quote I found online hit me hard today:














That's right. Men have chosen to train themselves to not only despise women, but to get pleasure from hurting them. They become aroused at hurting women and children, and the worse the women and children are hurt, the more aroused th man becomes. How, then, can women possibly interact with men? Integrity does not stop at the bedroom door. It begins in the bedroom, and what goes on there colors everything else. Men have lost their integrity.

Sure, I understand there are some men who are not tainted. But research tells us there are very, very few who are not. A male sexual health study conducted by the University of Antwerp in 2020 found that "This study found that 80% of participants below 26 started watching porn when they were 13 or younger. 84 percent of them masturbated more than once a week (43,5% daily) and 72,1 percent of them used pornography [at least] 7 to 10 times out of 10 masturbation sessions." Here's a couple of interesting graphs--remember the respondents are all male:




























That's pretty disillusioning. And the stats for the "Christian" community of men are really not that much better.

Why, then, would a woman want to be a woman in this world of ubiquitous pornsick men who are aroused by hurting women? Why would she want to have any type of relationship with a man? Why would she want to have children with a man? I think that is the world our young (and even older) women are facing. No wonder birthrates are plummeting everywhere.

I'd like to think there is hope, but it looks like for the vast majority of men and women, that hope is likely vain. There will be a small number of men and women who will escape the clutches of this acid tsunami. But no, in case you were thinking women can reclaim these men, I don't believe it for a minute. Only men themselves can decide to turn away from the acid. But even then, some things seen are hard to un-see, and send tentacles deep into the soul.

Tonight I feel very doubtful about the future of the children of God.