The New High Priests--Or Are They Ancient?


As I try to keep my finger on the pulse of all that is happening in our ever-darkening world, I came across this image and caption today:




























You know, THIS is precisely the kind of mischief you get because the world acknowledges no true prophet. These types of gross mischaracterizations have clogged the minds of God's children for too long, and oh, what mischief is wrought thereby! The boy Joseph Smith cut through all that garbage when he saw that the Father and the Son have bodies of flesh and bone as we do. He further cut the Gordian knot of twisted error when he proclaimed that we have a Heavenly Mother in addition to a Heavenly Father, and that there is no divinity without a man and a woman being joined together in the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. If that is not enough to make you thank Joseph Smith from the bottom of your heart, I don't know what else would even come close.

Of course! Of course as literal sons and daughters of God we have a Mother and a Father! Of course They ask us to live as they do, in marriages between men and women that are full of respect and equality and fidelity. Of course all children should be born to such parents who love them and wish all the good for them. How could it not be otherwise? The thought makes reason stare! Earth life was meant to be part of the continuum of heavenly, divine life.

But now we are told that not only does God not have a body, God does not have a sex either--even though sex is a prerequisite for children to come forth! That is true not only of Earth, but of Heaven as well! We are Their kids, and we are LIKE our Parents!

Notice that in this fallen snippet from the dark world, God is assumed to be sex-less and body-less. What a hoary old tradition! It's even worse than the old tradition that God was a Divine Bachelor! At least under that latter erroneous conception, at least sex was salvaged (though corrupted). Now, no bodies and no sex.

When such nonsense is pushed upon us, we cannot help but ask, "cui bono?" These false ideas are promulgated by those who will personally benefit from them. On clear display here, we see that these false ideas about God serve to create a hierarchy, where those who are sex-less or "both sexes" are closest to incarnating God. And those who are closest to God get to be God's mouthpiece. They become the new High Priests of the secular temple, to whom we must bow. This is just one of the infinite types of power play that grip the sad history of fallen humankind.

But it's a particularly insidious type of power play, because, as I've written elsewhere, it is the family--especially the mother, but also the father--that is the last, best defense of children, the very future of our kind. Ideas that cause us to aspire to sex-less-ness or both-sex-ness status strip from us the only way of life that can recreate in miniature the joys of Heaven, even in the absence of the full Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. "A happy family is but an early heaven" as they say.

I had naively thought this was a new power play by the Adversary of us all. Apparently, he's not very creative, though, and keeps recycling all his old feints whenever he can. Though not on Twitter, I stumbled across this thread--you can see the full Twitter thread here with images--by a Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid, Assyriologist with Wolfson College of the Oxford University complex. Note that Dr. Al-Rashid is totally on board with this ideology:

"To turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man are yours, Inana,” reads a 4,000-year-old temple hymn to Inana [also known as Ishtar], the Sumerian goddess of love and war. Ishtar, the later Mesopotamian goddess of love and war, had gender fluid characterstics. Ashurbanipal’s hymn to Ishtar of Nineveh compares her to the god Ashur: “Like Ashur she wears a beard and is clothed with brilliance...The crown on her head gleams like the stars.”

"Gender fluid identity appears throughout Mesopotamian history, like that of the assinnu, a word sometimes written as a combination of the cuneiform signs for “man” and “woman”. They served as cultic personnel to Ishtar and even as prophets, like one named Selebum in Mari. In Mesopotamian literature and myth, a gender fluid figure known as an assinnu named Asushunamir, helps rescue the goddess Ishtar when she becomes trapped in the Underworld."

"In a Sumerian creation myth, the goddess Ninmah fashions several people out of clay. “She fashioned one with neither penis nor vagina on its body. Enki looked at the one with neither penis nor vagina on its body...and decreed its fate to stand before the king." Various other terms appear in cuneiform texts from ancient Mesopotamia that refer to people with non-binary gender and sex. The kalu was a singer, typically a man who participated in activities reserved for women. The pilpilu is one whose sex is “changed” by the goddess Ishtar. In conclusion, non-binary gender identity is not new and not difficult to understand."

The nonbinary High Priests of the Sumerian goddess Ishtar go back 4000 years or more. Evil is so constant in its ploys. They say history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. I am not convinced. The new High Priests seem to me precisely like the High Priests of thousands of years ago. Woe to those who follow them now, as woe was the fate of those who followed them in ancient history.