Welcome, dear readers, to the Spring 2019 issue of SquareTwo! Click here for the full table of contents for this issue.

In addition, in keeping with President Nelson’s injunction to change how we refer to the Church, and noting how use has evolved since his pronouncement, we will use the terms Church of Jesus Christ (CoJC) and Gospel of Jesus Christ (GoJC). Both of these changes—in nomenclature and in logo—will not be made retroactive, so older pages will have older acronyms.

We have six great articles for the Spring 2019 issue!

First, Allison Welch gives us a very helpful inventory of mentions of Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Parents, which inventory includes the works of CoJC artists. Even if you have followed this issue closely, we think you will find gems herein you never knew about before.

Second, “Anonymous” provides a defense of CoJC doctrinal teachings on sexuality, with numerous excellent sources in the footnotes. If you’ve been less articulate than you’ve hoped to be on these issues, this article will be very helpful.

Third, we have a wonderful short essay by Amber Richardson on how Queen Vashti is a terrific role model for girls on the value of modesty. Vashti is usually treated as a dismissable footnote to the story of Esther, but Richardson argues that Queen Vashti is a hero. We agree!

Fourth, V.H. Cassler continues her series “Get This” by reviewing a book she recently finished—an abridgement of the works of 20th century French philosopher and mystic Simone Weil. If you’ve never heard of Weil, or if you’ve heard of her but never really engaged with her work, take a look at this book review of Love in the Void.

Fifth, Kathy Bence reacts to the wonderful new changes in the temple ceremony, but asks why serial polygamy is still among us. Read her heartfelt thoughts here.

Sixth, our book review editor Kent Harrison reviews an edited volume entitled, A Time of War, A Time of Peace: Latter-day Saint Ethics of War and Diplomacy, which is the proceedings of the 2013 LDS National Security Society’s decennial conference. Come explore what CoJC national security practitioners and scholars are writing about.

Seventh, we have some terrific comments on last issue’s Readers’ Puzzle about our 21st century post-truth age. If there is no way to settle questions of fact—indeed, if there are no facts—how can democracy possible survive?

And finally, we also have a new Reader’s Puzzle on reaction by CoJC members to persecution. That is, a new age where Christians can be openly persecuted in Western society is now upon us. (For example, see this treatment) We know from the Book of Mormon that Christian reaction to persecution can span the spectrum between returning railing for railing or refusing to do so (3 Ne 6:13). And we are also given advice of the Lord in D&C 50:32-33 that “you may chase darkness from among you” (D&C 50:25). How should we interpret these and other scriptures concerning how CoJC members should conduct themselves under persecution?

Enjoy this great new issue!

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