Welcome, dear readers, to the Fall 2022 issue of SquareTwo! We have an outstanding issue for your reading pleasure.

First, Professor Ralph Hancock of Brigham Young University writes a heartfelt call for greater attention to the core mission of that university: developing the faith of its students. He suggests that, ironically, this means centering the university’s work more closely on God, and not centering primarily around students. Hancock’s analysis and recommendations will surely be required readings for those who love “the Lord’s university.”

Second, one of the trickiest issues in living the Gospel is navigating a relationship with family members who have left the Church and may now even openly fight against it. Holly Hamilton-Bleakley has penned a deeply thoughtful and deeply moving account of how this has affected her own family, and what she has learned from the experience.

Third, Sarah Coyne, Jane E. Shawcroft, Chenae Christensen-Duerden, Lauren A. Barnes, Haley Graver, Moriah Perkins, and Andrew Brindley conduct an empirical investigation of attitudes among members of the Church concerning the principle of modesty and how it is taught. Using two survey instruments, the authors probe whether the manner in which modesty is taught affects one’s feelings, positive or negative, about the body.

Fourth, Amber J. Majeske, Sarah M. Coyne, Chelom E. Leavitt, Alice C. Long study the perceptions of Heavenly Mother among a Latter-day Saint population. Surveying a snowball sample of over 4,000 Latter-day Saints, Majeske and co-authors ask how connected respondents feel to their Heavenly Mother, and also inquire about how often She is discussed in Church or personal settings. The authors also include an extensive appendix with the actual comments received through the survey instrument. We think those who ponder our Mother in Heaven will find much of interest in their results.

Fifth, V.H. Cassler pens a critique of the proposed Fairness for All Act, which has been supported by the Church. How could there be anything wrong with “fairness for all”? Check out her argument, and make up your own mind.

Sixth, Ted Richards raises the question of whether our knowledge of the imminence of Christ’s Second Coming should instill in us the desire to withdraw from the world in anticipation. Is there any real point in involving ourselves in the fight to make the world better?

Seventh, we have a rollicking disagreement amongst our editorial board members concerning the current Readers’ Puzzle on whether members of the Church can or should identify as feminists. You will enjoy reading their comments, and we hope you will add your own.

Eighth, we have a new Readers’ Puzzle concerning the issue of religious accommodation, using as cases in point the proposed Respect for Marriage Act and the proposed Fairness for All Act. We invite you to weigh in with your own perspectives on religious accommodation in the law.

Last, don’t forget our companion blog, The Latterday Crone, penned by our own V.H. Cassler which also features real-time commenting. Check it out for more of the SquareTwo experience you enjoy, now on a more frequent basis!

Enjoy this great new issue of SquareTwo!

Full Citation for this Article: Editorial Board, SquareTwo Journal (2022) "Editors’ Intro, Fall 2022," SquareTwo, Vol. 15 No. 3 (Fall 2022),, accessed <give access date>.

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